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Blue Lines Trio

'Good music should be round and must have everything life has; it has animals, it has people, it has events, it has politics, it has religion, everything' - Steve Lacy

George Hadow - drums        
Michiel Scheen - piano
Raoul van der Weide - contrabass, crackle box, sound objects 
The Blue Lines Trio brings together three generations of improvising musicians. In an inimitable mix of throbbing swing, survey-ing impro, nomadic chords and sincere lyricism, the trio continues its restless quest for new possibilities of ensemble-playing. It is not a traditional pianotrio, but a trio, founded by Raoul van der Weide in 2012.
In these disturbing times, George, Michiel and Raoul also are submitted to unknown musical processes, however: with unbridled devotion, the group plunges in situations where direction and grip are well remembered, but cannot function as firm values and fundamentals anymore. Balancing on the cliffs of musical existence, the ensemble manages other essentials, such as s…