Blue Lines Trio

'Good music should be round and must have everything life has; it has animals, it has people, it has events, it has politics, it has religion, everything' - Steve Lacy

George Hadow - drums        
Michiel Scheen - piano
Raoul van der Weide - contrabass, crackle box, sound objects 
In 2012 Raoul van der Weide brought together George Hadow and Michiel Scheen in the Blue Lines Trio. We are very happy to announce a Celebration tour, scheduled in autumn 2022!

The Blue Lines Trio consists of three generations of improvising musicians. In an inimitable mix of throbbing swing, survey-ing impro, crispy chords and sincere lyricism, the trio continues its restless quest for new possibilities of ensemble-playing. 
It is not a traditional pianotrio, but a trio, with equal treatment of every instrument, resulting in a fantastically symbiotic unit
In these disturbing times, George, Michiel and Raoul also are submitted to unknown musical processes, however: with unbridled devotion, the group plunges in situations where direction and grip are well remembered, but cannot function as firm values and fundamentals anymore. Balancing on the cliffs of musical existence, 'les musiciens' manage other essentials, such as shaky dance rhythms, sharp razored lumps of chopped harmony, spaghettiplates, sucked-in melodies, stadsklanken, caressing desire, flexible manifesto’s, secret transfusions and interim scores. 

The trio frequently teams up with guests such as Mars Williams and Han Buhrs, and on a project basis works as the Blue Lines Sextet, with Ada Rave (tenorsaxophone), Bart Maris (trumpet) and Wolter Wierbos (trombone). 

For decades, Van der Weide and Scheen worked within leading formations in improvised music. For instance with Maarten Altena, Guus Janssen, Misha Mengelberg, Paul Termos and in many international ensembles. George Hadow represents a new generation of improvisers who recently enrich the Netherlands’ music scene.

"Clouds and sunny chunks"

"Quattro & improvisation"


"Traces 3"

"The git, the goo (Diddleville)"


"Traces 2"

"Mood Indo" 

"My mouth (Vacuumville)"


More videos

Saturday Februari 22 - Blue Lines Trio featuring Mars Williams - Wijnbar Koffie & Ambacht, Rotterdam - 20:00hrs
Sunday Februari 23 - Blue Lines Trio featuring Mars Williams - Houseconcert, Amsterdam
Saturday September 14 - Blue Lines Trio - Jazzblatt OZO Landfestival, Hunsel - 18:00-1:00hrs
February 12 - Blue Lines Trio - Pintotonics - Huis de Pinto, Amsterdam - 20:30 hrs.
February 21 - Blue Lines Trio with Bart Maris - Hotclub Gent - Gent, Belgium - 21:00 hrs.
April 5 - Blue Lines Trio with Mars Williams - Ramses Shayy Huis - Amsterdam - 20:00 hrs.
April 6 - Blue Lines Trio with Mars Williams - Openbaar huisconcert - Amsterdam - 20:30 hrs.
April 7 - Blue Lines Trio with Mars Williams - Plusetage - Baarle-Nassau - 20:30 hrs.
March 22 - Blue Lines Trio & Mars Williams & Wolter Wierbos- De Ruimte, Amsterdam - 20:30 hrs.
May 28 - Blue Lines Trio & Wolter Wierbos - Soulbar Parazzar, Brugge, 20:00 hrs.
May 5 - Blue Lines Trio with Keefe Jackson - at City Art, Rotterdam - 20:30 hrs.
April 11 - Blue Lines Trio with special guest Mars Williams (saxophones) - De Roze Tanker, Amsterdam Noord, 20:30 hrs.
November 10 - Blue Lines Trio - Jazz in Arnhem, Musis Jubileumzaal, Arnhem - 20:30 hrs.
April 7 - Blue Lines Trio - Huis de Pinto, Amsterdam - 20:30u
April 26 - Blue Lines Trio - Salon De IJzerstaven, Amsterdam - 21:00 hrs.
April 26  -Blue Lines Trio - Studio LOOS, Den Haag - 16:00 hrs.
October 10 - Blue Lines Trio - Mirliton Theater, Utrecht - 20:30 hrs.
October 11 - Blue Lines Trio - Plusetage, Baarle Nassau - 21:00 hrs.
November 19 - Blue Lines Trio - CD-launch party - Splendor, Amsterdam - 21:00 hrs.
March 13 - Blue Lines - Zaal 100, Amsterdam - 21:00 hrs.
May 25 - Carte Blanche for Michiel Scheen: Blue Lines & duo Tobias Delius / Michiel Scheen - BIMhuis, Amsterdam - 20:30 hrs.

Casco Records 002 The Blue Lines Trio

The trio received rave reviews on their in september 2014 released debut CD (Casco Records 002). See also Blue Lines Trio CD on Bandcamp and Toondist (and the complete catalogue of Casco Records).

sparkling compositions and tingling free improvisations … a beauty of a debut album … a little gem to discover ... music for connoisseurs … clear compositions with strong contrasts, sometimes smooth, sometimes jerky ... no improvisation resembles others, every track is an entity and has a character of its own … musicians with particular melodic and harmonic alertness … the cd is full of hidden intelligent musical jokes … a very diverse and colorful ‘contemporary improvised music’ album …”

Reactions on earlier work of the band members:

- George Hadow: ‘A f***ing good drummer!’ (Han Bennink, 2012).
- Michiel Scheen: 'Odd twists and sharp angles, post-Monk, post-Mengelberg, even' (The Village Voice, 2004).
- Raoul van der Weide: ‘Klankmagician Raoul van der Weide.’ (Jan Jasper Tamboer).

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